Free License Key

Free License Key

Currently we are offering BMG License Keys at no charge.

Download Business Mail Gateway 3.1


Q. How do I get a Free License Key ?

  • Download and install BMG. It will run as a 10 mailbox server without a key
  • Join the bmg_support group
  • Do the Tutorials, including the later Group/Company and multi Gateway tutorials
  • Post in the support group some feedback about the tutorials.
  • Then mail us at and ask for your License Key

Q. I only want a key for more than 10 mailboxes. Why do I need to look at your Group/Company and multi Gateway features?

A. The honest answer is - because this is the deal we are offering. You get a license key at no charge and we get BMG's unique features looked at, commented on and hopefully talked about in a good way (by you) to a wider audience

Q. What will it cost in the future?

A. Of course if you get a license key now then you will not need another in the near future, but we at BMG do understand that no one wants to invest their time and effort in BMG only to find that future systems will be too expensive. Below is a price guide for what we feel will be reasonable in the market. See Distributor Opportunity


Price US $

25--$ 39
100--$ 79
1010*$ 19
2525*$ 59
100100*$ 99

* For distributed multi gateway systems add $20 each for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc.

Q. Is this release of BMG just a 30 day trial ?

A. No - BMG is NOT trial or 'demo' software. It is not time dependent and will not expire.