Installing Offline

How to - Install BMG when off line

When you run the BMG setup.exe you may find that it needs to be on line to download and install an update direct from Microsoft.

This update is the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI for short) update to MSI version 2. There are two versions of this file

  • instmsia.exe - for Win95, 98 & ME - 1,668 kb
  • instmsiw.exe - for WinNT4, Win2000 - 1,779 kb

(The update is not needed for XP, as MSI v2 is part of XP).

Note - Microsoft sometimes uses only one name instmsi.exe for these two different files!

If you wish to install BMG on a computer when you are not connected to the Internet, you can download either or both of the above files direct from Microsoft and run the correct file on the target computer before you run BMG setup.exe.

No problem if you run the wrong file - it will just tell you that it is not suitable.

No problem if you have not run the correct file - it will just ask you to find and run instmsi?.exe

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Getting the file

The easiest way to get the file is to go straight to and enter the word

  • MSI

into their search box (top left corner of page) and

  • click GO (button)

In the results, at the very top of the list just under the heading Best Bets... will be two links, one to the update for NT & Win2000 and the other for the update to 95, 98 &Me.

Go to the correct link (or both) and follow their instructions on how to download and Save the file.

Tip - Change (extend) the file name when you save it, so you know which instmsi?.exe is which.

(This page is also available as an article in the BMG Help System)