To download Business Mail Gateway

  • click on the Start Download button (see later)

Windows 98 / Me users will see

  • click (radio button) Save this program to disk
  • click OK

Windows XP users will see

  • Click Save

In both cases - save the ...setup.exe file to any place where you normally keep downloaded files.

When the download is complete

  • click Open Folder and
  • double-click the file to run it

The file is about 4.3 Mb will take around 14 mins to download on a 56k line.

Please click the following button ONCE and wait for the dialog box to appear. This will download the current release. The current released version number is 3.10.1614.115 for access to past releases, release dates and file sizes click here.

Download Business Mail Gateway 3.1


The first time you install BMG, stay online as the file executes and installs.

Q. Why?

A. Because - if parts of the Microsoft Windows Installer also need updating, they will be automatically downloaded as required. This keeps the BMG file you have just downloaded as small as possible. The Microsoft Windows Installer update is just under 2 Mb (but would add 4 Mb if both versions were included in the BMG setup file). The Installer update is never needed on Windows XP machines.

Q. But what if I want to install BMG on a computer that is not on line e.g. a computer on my home LAN?

A. You can also download the Microsoft Windows Installer update direct from Microsoft and run the installer on the target machine BEFORE you run the BMG setup program. See - How to - Install BMG when off line

OR - Just run the BMG install anyway. Many computers will already have the update. If yours does not have it then see below.

Q. When I try to install BMG, I get an error message about a file called instmsi?.exe - What can I do?

A. You are almost certainly trying to install off line without the MSI update - see How to - Install BMG when off line