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Some users have kindly offered their opinions about which of BMG's features they like the most.

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User A

User A - has a dial-up connection and runs a small home LAN with two users reading email

1. Keeps Internet line open when browsing

2. Quick, one-click look and automatic line drop. (when not browsing)

3. Visible notification of emails and who they are from without need to open emailer

4. Immediate, one click access to alternative ISP if normal one down or non-responsive for some reason.

5. Automatic collection from several email accounts at once

6. Can easily change ISP without having to change email address etc.


User B

User B - runs BMG and listserv on a single Win 2000 Pro machine

BMG mail server indeed is an excellent and easy to config mailserver. Definitely, It's main advantage is that it's compatibility with listserv, it's the only mail server for Windows (except for Infomail Post.Office) that I know that can work together with LSoft listserv and is that easy to configure.

Also, that it works without the need of a permanent internet connection and DNS registered subdomain (like required in Infomail post.office for the listserver), is really a gap into the market. (Infomail Post.Office requires a full-registered sub-domain and permanent online server to operate and therefore can't be used for people without a fixed IP address and permanent IP connection).

I agree 100% that BMG is a solution many people like me, who own a domain for personal use, and also small business with a catchall POP3 mailbox and who want to run a mailing list are looking for.


User C

User C - tells of starting to use BMG

I started looking for an email server because my ISP began blocking email from anyone on a server running Open Relay and it meant I could no longer receive email from an important correspondent. I set up several accounts on free email sites until I found one that would still receive his email but I wanted a solution that would give me back control of my own email. My ISP said if I set up my own server, they could route the email to be before it was filtered and, although they've been very nice about it, I thought I detected a bit of a smirk as if they were thinking, "You don't have a clue what you're letting yourself in for!" Well, maybe I didn't but it's been interesting!

I downloaded BMG a couple of weeks ago and spent quite a bit of time working thru the tutorials and reading the help screens. I'm very impressed with the thought that went into all of this... the simulation capability is fantastic! Much better than the Cisco Router Emulators I've tried in the past!

The tutorials were well thought out and left little to the imagination though they didn't become annoying with details either. Since they were hypertexed, one could go as deeply into a subject as one needed but need not go farther. A good arrangement!

In any event I finished my reading and tried to set up a simulation of a real situation. It was a learning experience but I finally got it running. I then put it into operation on my server computer and again had to spend some time getting port addresses etc just right. Finally it worked! I could send and receive mail to a free ISP and still use my existing ISP.

I was also very pleased at how easy it was to get the manager module to run on my computer and manage the service-mode engine on my server. Way cool!

I wish it could also access services such as Yahoo which only allow web based access but perhaps that will surface in some future edition. Meanwhile I am very impressed with the overall quality of BMG and would recommend it to anyone looking for such a product.


User D

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