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Is a low cost (FREE for 10 mailboxes) easy to manage Email Gateway, sometimes called a Mail Server. It runs on Microsoft Windows.

Business Mail Gateway

BMG has its own unique features that allow multi-site working (e.g. home and office) and distributed no server, no main office, working. This means any group of people can work at home while appearing to be in the office. All this for minimal cost.

For an overview use the button on the left. For an insight into the BMG multi-site working and other additional features see - What's the benefit?

You do NOT need a License Key to run BMG as a 10 mailbox gateway, just download the software and use it.

Users who want to try out the unique BMG features or use more than 10 mailboxes can get a license key at no charge. For details see License Key.

Most liked features

Some users have kindly offered their opinions about which of BMG's features they like the most.
User A — has a dial-up connection and runs a small home LAN with two users reading email
User B — runs BMG and listserv on a single Win 2000 Pro machine
User C — tells of starting to use BMG
Email us with your views on which features give you the most benefit and we will add them here.


Primary support for Business Mail Gateway is provided by a group hosted on Yahoo Groups.

Our direct email address is inquiries@BusinessMailGateway.com, but please use the support group (above) for all support and other questions that would be of use to other readers.

New policy — if you send us a support question directly, we will now reply asking you to post it to the support group so we can answer it there.